Ormewood Park

Located east of downtown with easy access to I-20, Ormewood Park is filled with Craftsman bungalows and frame cottages. Several examples of ornate Victorian Houses can also be found here. The new Glenwood Park development offers event venues, shopping areas and a lively social scene and for those who like to walk, East Atlanta Village is just a stroll away. Ormewood Park is located near some of the best charter schools in Atlanta including Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School and Wesley International Academy. The Beltline’s Southeast trail works it’s way through Ormewood Park as well.

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AtlantaBen would live on…

“As a first-time home owner, my husband and I didn’t truly understand the weight and importance of a reliable realtor. We even knew some people that didn’t get why we’d take the time to consider even using one.
You think, “Jumping on a few search engines and finding the right home can’t be that hard, right?” And maybe, “Signing a few documents shouldn’t be that difficult.”

It took going through two other agents in the area before we finally found Ben and his team – and I can’t begin to express how grateful we are that we did!!!!

There are SO many things that happen throughout the progression of buying a home – and each step along the way is a potential hazardous and stressful scenario. Ben and his team were consistently available and were there to answer our endless questions and concerns and walk us through all the potential variables and their outcomes.

When it came to negotiating, it was so helpful knowing that we had an honoring professional and expert that knew how to maneuver through the countless negotiations and connect well with the other agents and banks involved.

Ben leads by example and manages his team through hard-work and incredible follow-through. If he says that he’s going to do something, he does it. Ben remains calm and collected in all situations, is a great listener and fantastic communicator. You can tell that he truly cares about his team and clients and wants to serve them well.

All of these qualities (and more!) are what you need when choosing your agent. Purchasing a home is a stressful time, and you want an agent that can handle it with poise, confidence and positivity.

Ben and his team don’t just help you buy a house – they help you buy your future. And for that, we will be forever grateful and will always be – Team AtlantaBen supporters!!!”

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