Westside/West Midtown

Just west of, well, Midtown, West Midtown (also known as Westside) was once a largely abandoned industrial area. The neighborhood has seen significant gentrification in the last decade with an eclectic mix of new developments. Fortunately, the loft-style industrial feel of the neighborhood has been retained, as most of the new developments are restorations of once-neglected factories or warehouses that date back to the 1880s.

A popular hub for artists, interior designers, graphic designers, architects and musicians, the area is even trying on a new name for size: the West Midtown Design District. West Midtown has also become a popular location for high-tech companies seeking open floor plans and possibly the sharp, new talent coming out of Georgia Tech.

Loft living (and working) is around every corner in West Midtown. Trendy restaurants offer farm to table meals for even the toughest foodie, bars host live music (and not just on weekends), art galleries showcase original art of all styles and the retail options are nothing to sneeze at. While not nearly as walkable as its big brother Midtown, the Westside certainly has a lot to offer.

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